Main focus on technique

Always remember that technique isn’t the crucial factor in a fight. He who uses the technique and he who receives the technique are the important factors.

Ruthless determination usually triumphs over technique.
The will to win (survive) is much more important than the ability (technique) to win. Mental attitude ist important in a fight. Determination is what makes you get up of the ground when you are being beaten, kicked or stabbed. In the end it doesn’t matter which technique you use.

IMG 4085It is your goal to make your attacker physically unable to fight and, as far as possible, to bring him to the ground or to make him lose his balance and ultimately to make sure he stays there. The time-frame of a real fight is usually very short. It’s usually over in just a few seconds.

Always keep this in mind!

For that reason P.W.C. has mental-tactics as offensive mentality, fearmanagement and stress-adaption-principles.



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