When was the last time you really tested your determination? You will never know exactly what you would do in a certain situation if you‘ve never been in this specific kind of situation.

This applies to your attacker as well, no matter how self-confident he appears to be.

Most people are intimidated when confronted by a problem (physical attack) when they are on their own. For example, there are different groups of people notorious for this kind of weakness (skinheads, bikers). Remember that the first trait of this kind of people is that they depend on the help of their friends. The second is that they test how far they can go without having to fight. For example with verbal taunts, attempts to intimidate, shoving etc. The third is suddenly starting a conversation when he is uncertain or realizes that he may have gone too far. Whenever you have to define your position to a problematic person of this kind, stay calm and straight forward.

Present yourself self-confident, determined and very intense.
Different situations call for different strategies for example more pressure, or more submissiveness in order to be able to seize a counter-initiative.

Keep in mind that most situations aren’t surprise-attacks but are disputes about principles that escalate into violent arguments. Therefore P.W.C. has verbal-attack and defence strategies and a unique way of thinking: the offensive mentality. The offensive mentality is a learned pro-active thought-process. By overcoming fear you can reach presentable physical improvement in execution. (Tactics: hitting, kicking, wrestling). A person who shows an offensive mentality will act instead of reacting, will lead instead of following and will attack instead of defending. This kind of person thinks positively, offensively and affirms countinous absolute action. This thought-process is applicable and usefull in all human intentions. From sports to business, to enemy combat.




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