Courses of Instruction

P.W.C. - Progressive Ways of Combat Fighting System

P.W.C. is a system of self-defence based on natural logical movement that covers all areas of self-defence: prevention, de-escalation, defence. Ideal technical and physical developement of capacities is provided through cross-training.

What does P.W.C. offer?

  • A unique, effective self defence-system
  • More quality of life by learning to cope with fears and developing more self-confidence
  • More efficiency and fitness

No rules , no belts, no nonsense.
A system without worthless ballast.
Easy, practical and anyone can learn it.

Special programmes on request or on seminar basis:

  • G.A.D. Methode (Grap and Distract)
  • Family Protection
  • Kid Safe (Self-defence for Children)
  • Senior Safe (Self-defence for Seniors)
  • LRT (Last Resort Tactics for Security-Personnel)
  • Non-classical Gung Fu according to Jesse Glover
  • Escrima Sonny Umpad Style
  • Combat Conditioning (functional strength and stamina training)

DSC02180Escrima (Visayan-Corto-Cadena-Style) from Sonny Umpad

The Visayan Escrima (Kali) is a fluid and cunning art of stick fighting, including blades of any kind.The Visayan Islands are an island group in the central Philippines. Some characteristics of Sonny Umpad's approach are its deception, speed and short range power. It is effective at long, medium and short ranges. A key principle is economy of motion. This means that no motions are wasted, there is no wind up to generate power. This strikes are faster and more precise, and Sonny has created five basic striking methods to achieve his goal of combat effectiveness. Both the body and weapon are in continuous motion. This makes the fighter a more difficult target to hit and makes his offense more deceptive. Defense and offense are blended togheter so the fighter is always protected. “ Sloppy” strikes which leave the practitioner wide open are not acceptable. Every strike develops tremendous power due to Sonny innovations. The accurate, astute strikes must hit hard enough to disarm or stop the opponent if necessary. The Visayan Corto Cadena Style is a endless process of self-development and cultivation. Source: Chris Suboreau




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