What is P.W.C.?

P.W.C.: Progressive Ways of Combat is my interpretation of Non Classical Gung Fu (N.C.G.F.) by Jesse R. Glover, first student and assistant instructor of Bruce Lee.

Quote: Jesse R. Glover: "Non Classical Gung Fu is not a system; it is a developmental process".

The basic structure of P.W.C. is strongly influenced by Jesse R. Glover's N.C.G. F. Physically it is based on the essentials of Wing Chun and neurologically on the fighting methods further developed by Bruce Lee and Jesse R. Glover. The pillars of my instruction are the individualization of the teaching method and a constantly developing training process with the goal of simplification in order to reach highest efficiency for the average person.
P.W.C. is especially suited for students who aim to reach a high level of fitness while learning self-defense in a short period of time. The training is very intense and will help the student to excel. P.W.C. teaches the student very quickly to hit hard and fast. You learn to control the attacker and to attack him constantly so that he does not get the chance to hit back. You will develop the stamina and speed that is necessary to defend yourself and to endure until the fight is over. In short, this method is probably the quickest method for an average person to develop extraordinary fighting skills. In six months, a dedicated, hard-working student who follows this process can develop skills most martial artists need years to develop or will never reach, because they don't train techniques they can use in reality.
Contrary to traditional fighting systems, P.W.C doesn't have a grading system like belts or qualification levels. The student shows that he can apply what the teacher has taught him either in real everyday random situations or during class in an isolated manner.

Quote by Jesse R. Glover: A teacher or a system doesn't excel because the teacher can fight but because the students can prevail in a fight.

P.W.C. is influenced by eastern and western styles. In some cases it can be the way a technique or a concept is executed, in other cases it is the mentality or mindset that completes the process.A system, method or process will never have the answer to everything. Therefore, one must keep an open mind to stay at the head of progress and to constantly improve oneself. This is exactly what the name of my method "Progressive Ways of Combat" expresses. Strictly speaking, there is hardly anything new to speak of in realistic self-defense. People try to reinvent the wheel, but almost everything has already been developed in the past and is now waiting to be applied.

Effective self-defense relies on the following principles:

High awareness in everyday life of your environment and the people surrounding you
Know your attacker both from a psychological and a physical point of view (for example verbal and non-verbal attacking rituals)
Know the side-effects of the adrenalin rush (How to deal with fear)
The physical side: Learn a small number of techniques and develop them until you reach maximum hitting strength and speed. Practice these techniques until you are able to do them in your sleep. You reach this through a high number of repetitions using a focus mitt. The next step is to apply the technique to a wide range of situations. If a technique is only suitable for a specific situation, then it definitely isn't very useful in reality. The next step is to go through various scenarios using protective gear to see if the technique is right for the student. Only then will the student know which techniques are best suited for him.

Quote Jesse R. Glover:
You must adjust your method according to the student, not the other way around.

The point isn't to collect as many techniques as possible, but to find the one technique that suits the student best. In this aspect, my greatest influence is and always will be my friend, mentor and teacher Jesse R. Glover and I am proud to use his Non Classical Gung Fu as a process and to see and develop new application methods within it.

What is Non Classical Gung Fu by Jesse R. Glover?
Non Classical Gung Fu "What I do, is a process."

This process involves studying psychology and physiology, sports training mixed with the teachings of Bruce Lee, what I have learned from studying Judo, what I have learned from others and what I have learned by teaching others. It isn't a system - it's a learning process.
What I do depends on the students' psychological and physiological prerequisites and the students' motivation to train. The first thing to regard is that not even twins are really identical. That is why their parents and friends can easily tell them apart and that is why I am sure that it is very important to support each student individually according to their prerequisites and possibilities. I start by showing the person how to hit, condition reflexes and how to move their body. While learning these basic techniques it will quickly show who is able to do them and who isn't. For people who are struggling with the techniques, I try to find individual ways for them, according to their personalities and mindset, to implement the techniques in the best way possible for them. Not very many people are good at implementing techniques immediately, since most people have problems implementing things that aren't natural to them. It is my task to find individual ways to make it possible for everyone to train as effectively as possible and to reach personal progress. I want to lead each person to the point where they have the best opportunity to physically and psychologically reach their goals. The only limit one can have lies in the nervous system. If this one neural prerequisite is missing, then there is nothing you can do about it. No grading system or qualifications can make up for it. Some people have it and others not so much. However, with perseverance, anyone can reach their personal goals. None of us can be Bruce Lee, but it is my goal to drive people to their personal best.

Jesse R. Glover: published in The JKD Brotherhood on January 29, 2007



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